Since writing her first book, Fantastic Recipes from my Favourite People, in 2006, a lot has changed for Poppy, both inside and outside the kitchen. Things have been busy: Poppy moved with her two elder children out of London to Dorset, settling in a beautiful little village beneath the Downs. She won two gold stars from the Great Taste Awards for her chocolate biscuit cake, which she sells each week locally. 

Poppy’s second cookbook is a celebration of natural, unprocessed ingredients, ideal for whisking up a delectable supper for your brood ... and for any grown-up who happens to be in the kitchen. And all in just ten minutes.

No one understands the pressures of a kitchen full of tired, hungry children better than Poppy, who has four of her own, two of them Irish twins.

A cookbook full of delicious, nutritious and lightning-quick recipes will be music to all parents’ ears.

With illustrations by Louisa Marcq and Poppy’s unique style and charm flowing from each page, 10 Minute Suppers for Children is a gem.


Poppy’s first book, Fantastic Recipes from my Favourite People, was published by Foxcote Books. Its director, Rob Huntington, is tragically no longer alive, but is remembered and missed all the time by his many devoted friends.