Fantastic Recipes from my Favourite People
Poppy Fraser

Fantastic Recipes from my Favourite People

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"Without doubt, the worst cook I have ever come across" -
The author's husband.

Discovering that she was expecting her first baby, Poppy Fraser decided
that it was time to learn how to cook. Having no idea where to begin, she
wrote to all the people she could think of, asking them to provide her with
their favourite (and most foolproof) recipes. The response was staggering,
and prompted her to collect the replies together for those of her friends
who found themselves in a similar predicament.
Fantastic Recipes from my Favourite People is the result. From breakfast to
lunch, tea-time to dinner, with an extensive section on puddings, the book
provides pretty much every recipe one could ever need. There is no pretence
at helping you lose weight or being trendy; the food described is simple,
fattening, and delicious.
With introductions to the various characters who supplied the recipes, and
charming illustrations by Leonora Grosvenor, Fantastic Recipes could well
become the only cookbook you will ever need!