Week 10

A friend came to stay last night, bringing 2 live crabs, fresh from the Cornish sea . It wasn't quite a '10 Minute Supper' , it took marginally longer to cook them, as they were whoppers, but it was the best, most delicious crab I have ever had. Cooked for 15 minutes in some vegetable stock, they were pure and as fresh as can be. The whole process of trashing the kitchen, bashing them with a rolling pin, to release the precious flesh, working for our supper, digging into the cracked shell. What a treat. 

I've been busy with a friend making little videos of some '10 Minute Suppers' from the cookbook. So far, the cat has been the biggest hit, and we'll see where it takes us. I'm hoping that people will find them helpful and enjoyable, even from our home made angle, it's a fun project certainly for the cat and I. 

Last weekend I went on a meditation course given by a teacher called Burgs. Years ago, he worked with a jeweller friend of mine and changed the vibrations of the stones she was working with, to a higher frequency. I bought her ring 10 years ago, which I wear every day, and he said was still working at his altered frequency. It sounds way out, and is way out, but I believe and love it. He was inspiring and it was an exciting introduction to something I  have never done before. Unless you can call enjoying a cigarette outside, admiring the view, a moment of meditation. 

Tonight's supper is going to be homemade burgers and chips. Just 4 ingredients make them simple and perfect. The video will follow next week and I hope you enjoy them. 

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