Week 12

Tonight I typed 'child muzzle' into Amazon. Needless to say, they don't exist, unless you want to get one for a pug and try that, but the threat of buying one I think did. My youngest has been endlessly whiney, and I finally had enough this evening watching the football. My mother told me to watch it on sky, not something I have ever done before, watch a football match, as my brother was there and she thought the camera might zoom in on her dauphin. I resorted to muzzling him with my hand and then we fell about with laughter imagining going to people's houses with him wearing one. Of course my brother did not appear on the screen, unless it happened whilst I was too busy trying to silence my youngest.

Last week was the school quiz night. I don't know what made me accept to go, I've avoided it for the last 3 years, but I went. It was a hideously humiliating experience with a fellow team member saying despairingly " Poppy, you're dragging us down" ! He was right, about the only question I could answer was how to spell luscious pomegranate. That will get me far in life.... Goodness I feel uneducated , the only thing I feel confidant about is giving birth, but surprisingly that topic did not crop up in the 90 questions that we were asked. I also have a fatally misleading trait of being so confident in my answer that otherwise sensible people decide to listen to my answer, only to find of course they were right after all. My husband reminded me of the time I had convinced my deaf friend that of course I would wake up to her baby crying. She had come to stay without her alarm that vibrates to wake her, when a child is crying. I told her that I would wake up and let her know. But apparently, I can sleep through tornadoes, fire alarms, so it was nonsense. Again, I thought I really was right, but no, apparently not. 

Our team came last of course, I won't be going next year.

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