Week 14

I am very aware that whatever I write about the silent meditation retreat, will seem unbelievable, but I mean every word. My mind has been blown. Guy Burgs was the most extraordinary teacher, and I can't really explain properly in words, but it was profoundly life changing. The not speaking  and not being spoken to, for a week, was as blissful as I had imagined. Peace. We spent our days either on a cushion being taught, or meditating, or doing yoga or chi gong. I have never felt more rested or at peace. There were 50 of us from all over the world, some who come back again and again. I can't say that it was all blissful, some of it was extremely testing, but the full effects of a week being taught by Burgs has changed me on profound levels, and I am still feeling the effects. What an extraordinary experience.

( For anyone interested have a look at theartofmeditation.org)

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