Week 6

It's been a while, nearly a year of silence, and I'm not sure where to start on what has been happening except for today's amusing afternoon.

Having recycled 2 children, I found myself in Taunton, miles away from home watching 2 children play in their rugby matches. As I arrive and wave madly at one child to show I've actually made it, he shouts " Mum,get OFF the pitch"- without realising it, I am standing in the middle of the pitch which is cordoned off in a confusing manner with flags. I go and stand next to a mother with children in the same matches as my 2 boys. As she once played rugby for England, she cannot help herself but coach from the sidelines. It is by far the most funny moment of my week.  The mother shouts in structions, the other parents look on aghast and I spend a blissful hour in hysterics. Rugby seems to bring out the worst in me, I adore it. The boys are fearless tacklers and get stuck in, the coaches never stop shouting " Tackle, TACKLE BOYS! It's not your grandmother!"  

The eldest child says " Mum do you mind if I go back in the bus with my friends?" " But darling, I've driven an hour and a half to be here, please come back with me. We can stop for a big mac on the way home at the drive through" (Thinking this might swing it) " I hate McDonalds, Mum". I might have taken this as a compliment about their upbringing on healthy food had he not quickly added " Can we go for a KFC instead?" . " No, I draw the line at that". 

This year has been about selling my biscuit cake which sells locally in a variety of wonderful places from Pythouse Kitchen Garden, to Gillingham train station cafe which is run by young cool dudes, to the new art gallery Mecums in Tisbury. If I can just get everyone addicted to the intense sugar high that is the biscuit cake, then that should be me on my way. As someone once said, if you can survive the diabetic seizure that it induces, then it's love at first bite. Quite the opposite to the cookbook which promotes delicious, healthy eating. But, in life, everything is about balance I think, and a little chocolate biscuit cake is absolutely necessary every once in a while. 

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